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About Kiddihug

Kiddihug is one of a new generation of baby carriers that's been specially designed to provide the ultimate comfort and well-being for you and your baby.

The Kiddihug hip-seat baby carriers ergonomic design gives you the versatility for safely carrying your baby wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Your baby can face outwards and watch the world go by or face you for those snuggle and hug moments.

The perfect way to bond with your growing baby.

The waist belt and hip seat means whether you want to pop down to your local shop or want to go for a long walk, you and your baby will be supported in all the right places.

Protecting your baby

Fully removable soft weather head cover for sun and wind, providing protection

Keeping it cool

Large mesh front ventilated storage pocket to keep baby cool during warm weather.

Suitable for any occasion

Detachable waist belt and hip-seat. Unzip into two parts.

Always accessible

Pockets for necessary items including soothers, snacks, wallet, keys or phone.

Kiddihug Panda 4-in-1 Hip-Seat Baby Carrier

Available in black

Age: 0-3 years (3.5kgs - 15kgs / 7.5lbs - 33lbs)

£39.90 + P&P

Kiddihug Roo 5-in-1 Hip-Seat Baby Carrier

Available in black, navy and light blue

Age: 0-4 years (3.5kgs - 20kgs / 7.5lbs - 44lbs)

£54.90 + P&P

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